What is CanoeIdeas?

A few years ago, I decided to begin creating photo cards.  Mostly for Christmas, but also others suitable for any occasion.  Original photos were taken by me while I was outdoors, doing my outdoors things I love: canoeing, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, spending time with family and friends, or just by myself.  Images I chose for the cards or prints were inspired by God’s awesome creation.  I came up with the name as a bit of a play on the word canoe and new ideas.  I was trying to do something that others were already doing, but I wanted my new venture to represent my ideas.  So, CanoeIdeas was born.  There are so many people who don’t care to go camping, or spend any time outside.  I believe that being “out there” is a gift.  As I post some of the images, I hope that you will get a sense of God’s gift of creation and they will inspire you to get outside yourself.

Gym Musings

Dear college guys working out at the Peterborough Wellness Centre. Yes, all of us middle-aged guys, soccer moms, and my 13-year old daughter are all really impressed at all those heavy weights you can lift. We think it’s pretty cool how you smash them to the ground while grunting so loudly. Also, you over there….yeah, the one with the The Man (arrow pointing up) & The Legend (arrow pointing down) t-shirt. You will look back and regret that shirt someday. Hopefully that day will be tomorrow. Please throw it away or burn it. No one believes you. Especially me. Grow up and actually be a real man. You’re welcome. It’s what I do.