Rainy Days

We all know the song about Mondays and rainy days getting people down.  I agree with Mondays and don’t know many people who really like that day.  But rainy days don’t really get me down from an emotional standpoint.  More like, rainy days slow me down and make me want to take it easy; to sit and watch the rain fall.

Some of my favourite time was spent on the porch of the Lodge at Camp Madawaska, cup of coffee in my hand, watching the rain making uncountable splashes into Lake Victoria.  Sometimes it was a gently rain, welcome after a hot day.  Sometimes it was sheets of pounding rain that were driven across the lake by hurricane-like gusts.

Rainy days at camp are slow days, reflecting days, peaceful days.  Yes, I’ve paddled in the rain, hiked in the rain, slept in the rain.  But mostly, I like doing nothing in the rain.  On rainy days, I keep the coffee or tea water hot, read a book, play cards, chat with friends, swap favourite camp stories, reflect on life.  That’s what rainy days were made for.

They tell us to not drive as fast when it rains, that we need to be more aware of our surroundings.  I agree because life is like that too.  When it rains, slow down and become more aware of your surroundings, especially the people in your life.  Don’t let rainy days get you down.  Let them help you remember what’s important.