Yeah, Mondays can be hard. Y’know, getting back into the routine of getting up earlier, packing a lunch (which my lovely wife makes for me each day…don’t @ me), and actually dressing in real clothes to go out in public. I woke up today and checked my email. I know there is a debate about checking email first thing in the morning, but I do it anyway because sometimes there is personal mail and not just junk. I woke up today to an acceptance letter, which set my whole day on a great path. Then, upon arriving home after work, I found another acceptance letter. This is totally a first for me, two acceptances in the same day. How’s that for #MondayMotivation? Sometimes I look at what I’ve written and think, ugh… Other times I’m quite happy with the way the words flow and how the poem feels. I’m proud of these two poems and thrilled that both of these different pieces found homes with The Minison Project (which is a totally new format of poetry for me) and with 433. I’ll keep you posted when they appear online.

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