New poem links on Words page

Hello faithful readers and supporters of my work. You’re out there, right? I do love you. Four new poem links are up on the Words page. You can find links to Coloured Pencils and F 150 on the Shambles site, Lessons We Didn’t Learn with The Minison Project, and Faithful Jelly Donut Pt. 2 (For Dennis Lee) on the brand new Two Fingers Lit Mag site. Thanks to all the publishers who are continuing to support my efforts. I did get two rejection letters this week, but no biggie. In fact, I’m still thrilled because my daughter, Evelyn, got an acceptance to Norther Otter Press Vol. 2 for a piece of art she created. That’s pretty cool. I also got an ARC of Jaime Dill’s upcoming book, I Remember Us, a rewind on love’s memory (Cardigan Press). I’m doing some review work and after reading the first poem, I’m in love already. I can’t say much more at this point, but when it hits the shelves, you gotta get it. Stay well, my friends.