Hi everyone. Well, I’m gonna assume that someone is reading this. Been a busy few weeks around here putting the finishing touches on Canoe Lake Memories and then waiting for them to arrive from the printers. We also have a couple of surprises for those who contributed and for those who purchase copies. But, you’ll have to order to find out.

Before sending it off to be printed, I went through it more than a few times. I wanted it to be perfect and catch all the errors in formatting or spelling. The day I sent it, I found a couple of issues that I was easily able to resolve and sent it off quite pleased with it.

However, upon going through the book yesterday, I found a mistake I didn’t catch. What I so desperately wanted to be perfect has a flaw. Sure, it’s minor. Probably most people won’t even notice. But I do. And I need to let it go.

I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest
Tried to be everything that you ever wanted
I tried to be stronger, tried to be smarter
Tried to be everything but you…

These lines are from Hawk Nelson’s Everything You Ever Wanted. I try to be perfect but I fail. I think striving to be perfect, while perhaps a noble if not foolish goal in man’s eyes, is fruitless, because we never will be perfect. We work so hard to match the public lives of people that look perfect to us, but we don’t achieve that and we feel like we’ve failed. We are chasing after the wind. It’s all meaningless, as the Teacher once wrote.

Only Jesus was perfect and I need to remember that He is the only one I should be emulating in my attempt to be perfect. Fortunately, when I fail, Jesus is there to forgive and to support.

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