Words Page Updated & I’m Struggling

Hello world. Just popping by today to say my Words page is updated with recent publications. Been a slow year as I’ve not really sent out a lot of work because I’ve not been writing a lot. Yeah, I’ve written a couple of songs (and in the process of recording them), but Paddler Press has been taking up a lot of time. The Covid Verses is now out in print and downloads will happen soon ($5), so stay tuned for that. Thanks for your continued support of my work. I have copies of All We Remember, my new poetry chapbook. I’d love to get a copy to you. Shoot me a message or pick one up from Watson & Lou on Water Street in downtown Peterborough.

My fellow poet, Justin Million, had these kind words to say:

I first became aware of Robertson’s work through his amazing poem “Train Picture”, which is indicative of so many of his fine qualities as a poet. He is honest, he is forthcoming, and he is trying to tell all of us something about ourselves that we all know deep-down: we live in a beautiful¬†and mysterious world, and we owe it to ourselves to interrogate that beauty and mystery, so that we might gain a greater appreciation of ourselves. Thank you, Deryck, for this gift of words. We need generative poets of honesty and insight like you now more than ever.¬†

Love Letter

Hey, my new song, Love Letter, is now live. Begun over 27 years ago with the intent of singing it at my wedding, I didn’t get finished until a few weeks ago. I glad I waited, because it really sums up my wonderful marriage to Heather. I hope you like it. Find it on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Music amongst others. Stay tuned for new songs. Lonely Broken Heart, an upbeat breakup song, is due for an early June release.