Words Page Updated & I’m Struggling

Hello world. Just popping by today to say my Words page is updated with recent publications. Been a slow year as I’ve not really sent out a lot of work because I’ve not been writing a lot. Yeah, I’ve written a couple of songs (and in the process of recording them), but Paddler Press has been taking up a lot of time. The Covid Verses is now out in print and downloads will happen soon ($5), so stay tuned for that. Thanks for your continued support of my work. I have copies of All We Remember, my new poetry chapbook. I’d love to get a copy to you. Shoot me a message or pick one up from Watson & Lou on Water Street in downtown Peterborough.

My fellow poet, Justin Million, had these kind words to say:

I first became aware of Robertson’s work through his amazing poem “Train Picture”, which is indicative of so many of his fine qualities as a poet. He is honest, he is forthcoming, and he is trying to tell all of us something about ourselves that we all know deep-down: we live in a beautiful and mysterious world, and we owe it to ourselves to interrogate that beauty and mystery, so that we might gain a greater appreciation of ourselves. Thank you, Deryck, for this gift of words. We need generative poets of honesty and insight like you now more than ever. 

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